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Adrenaline auto-injector expiry alerts

All manufacturers of adrenaline auto-injectors provide a free expiry alert service to remind you of when your adrenaline auto-injector is about to expire. This will give you chance to replace your potentially life-saving medication. You can choose whether you would like to receive these alerts by text or email.

The alert services are free, very quick and simple to complete. 

The ARK anaphylaxis kits contain Jext® adrenaline auto-injectors. To register your Jext adrenaline auto-injector(s) please sign up here: Jext® Expiry Service.

To register other brands of adrenaline auto-injector please follow the links below:


Register your EpiPen® adrenaline auto injector here: EpiPen® Expiry Service.

Register your Emerade® adrenaline auto-injector here: Emerade® Expiry Service.

Please note all expiry alert services are provided by the individual manufacturers and not ARK solutions Group. 

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