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Impact Lab

I don't have any experience with the world of social entrepreneurship, am I still eligible for the program?

Yes! At Quántica, we are convinced that an entrepreneur is born from experience and we are happy to help you take that first step, as has been the case for many of our alumni.

I don't have a specific idea for a startup right now, can I still participate in the program?

Of course! During the program we will work together with you so that you discover that idea which you are passionate about so that you can begin to develop it further and change world. In addition, the team of facilitators at Quántica, and the other students of the Impact Lab, will help you further give form to your idea.

If my business partner isn't enrolled in the program as well, can he or she accompany me to the mentoring and coaching sessions?

Only people enrolled in the program can attend the mentoring and coaching sessions. Similarly, only enrolled students can attend the group sessions facilitated by the Quantica team.

Who teaches the program?

We have a team of facilitators who are social entrepreneurs and / or business and coaching experts. Get to know them in the Team tab of our menu.

Are there scholarships?

We don't have a scholarship fund for the Impact Lab at this time. If you are an organization or individual who would like to sponsor a student or students, please write to us using the contact form on the website.

Is the program only for young professionals?

Of course not! Just as we have people of all careers and vocations, we have people of all ages. The majority of people who apply are between 23 and 35 years old, but we have had participants who are in their 40s, 50s and even 60s. That generational diversity always enriches the program immensely. Furthemore, the desire and willingness to create change is ageless!

After completing the program will I have created my business model?

The truth is, that this depends on you! The objective of the Lab is to support your process towards either creating your first product and achieving some initial sales, or grow the sales you are already making. You will be challenged to build the central elements of the strategy of a social enterprise, and encouraged every week to put those strategies into motion.

How does the ImpactCo Fair work?

Enrollment in the program includes participation in our ImpactCo Fair. However, to have your stand at the Fair you must meet certain prerequisites (don't worry, these minimums are worked on during the program). The ImpactCo Fair is the perfect platform to begin selling or increase the sales of your impact project's product or service.

How much does the program cost?

You can download the PDF of the program on the Impact Lab page and find the pricing details there. Feel free to write to us if you would like more information.

ImpactCo Fair

I run a startup, how do I apply to be an exhibitor at the Fair?

To participate as an exhibitor at the Fair, you must first fill out the application form. Once you send it, you will receive detailed information about the event (place, time, cost, resources included, etc.). However, due to the high number of applications and the values with which we have built around the Fair, the selection committee only admits enterprises with a clearly defined social, environmental and / or cultural impact. Once admitted, we will contact you to send you the reservation and payment details of the stand.

Do I have to pay to be an exhibitor?

Yes, once you fill out the application form, you will send more information to the email you provide.

My startup offers services, not products, is it still eligible?

Yes. As long as your startup generate a social, environmental and / or cultural impact with that service or through the business model in general.

Does it cost money to attend the event?

Entry to the event is free for attendees. However, if you want to have a stand for your business at the Fair, there is a fee to reserve the stand. This information is sent to the startups who apply for a space at the Fair.

I am an entrepreneur, why should I participate in the Fair?

The ImpactCo Fair is an opportunity to gain visibility, explore new partnership opportunities and expand your impact. You can read testimonials from past exhibitors by clicking here.

What kind of products and services will I find at the Fair?

You will find products and services which promote responsible consumption through transparent and positively impactful business models. In our past editions we have had products from industries such as: sustainable fashion, natural cosmetics, responsible tourism, local gastronomy, eco-friendly toys, transformative education, and much more.

Can I share a stand with another startup?

Usually, each startup has its own stand, as the space is best-suited for a single exhibitor. However, we are open to exploring the possibility if you write to us/ask us directly.


What kinds of organizations can partner with Quántica?

Our doors are open to any type of organization. So far, we have partnered with a variety of organizations, businesses, cultural initiatives, public entities, and more.

How can I partner with Quántica?

We're stoked that you want to partner with us! Contact us through the Contact page on the website and we will be in touch.

What kind of partnerships does Quántica look for?

Above all, we seek to partner with people and organizations who share our values and who want to co-create a better world.

Right now, who are some of Quántica's partners?

Currently our network of partners includes: the Impact Hub Bogotá, Innpulsa, Colfuturo, Paz mi Pez, Techo Colombia, the Compaz Foundation, Global Shapers Bogotá and many more.


Why be a sponsor?

As a sponsor you support the fastest growing ecosystem of social entrepreneurship in the country! Quántica's sponsors contribute to the co-creation of a better world and an education that values the development of the human being and the unleashing of their potential as changemakers. Our sponsors recognize the power of social entrepreneurship as a tool for systemic change and as the vehicle through which we can together create a better future for all.

What does it mean to be a sponsor?

The contributions of our sponsors supporting the training of changemakers in Colombia and strengthens the country's entrepreneurship ecosystem. They play an integral role in helping us scale the impact and scope of our programs, workshops, events, and other activities.

What organizations have sponsored Quántica in the past?

We have worked with organizations like Punto Co and the British Colombian Embassy, both of which sponsored the ImpactCo Fair.

How can I be a sponsor

Contact us for current opportunities. In general, we are looking for sponsors for our ImpactCo Fair and / or for our training programs, the Impact Lab and Pazificar.

About Quántica

How long has Quántica been in business?

Officially, our organization has been operating since April 2017. But our dream started long before that date!

What is Quántica's mission?

Our mission is to train changemakers, transform systems, and leave no one behind.

How can I become part of the Quántica community?

You can subscribe through our newsletter (at the bottom of the page) to receive all the information about events, vacancies, workshops, webinars and many more opportunities to join our community.

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