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Easy tips to reduce House Dust Mites in your home

Controlling a dust mite allergy can be helped by multiple remedies - from antihistamines to making changes to your home environment. It is actually the dust mite dropping that can cause allergic symptoms but it would be difficult to completely get rid of dust mites from your house. However, reducing their numbers significantly can be done with these top tips:

Wash all bedding on a weekly basis

Dust mites love human beds, as they feed on flakes of dead skin (gross, right?). By washing all of your bedding (including blankets) in hot water at at least 60°C, you can kill dust mites. We know that some bedding can’t be put on a hot wash, so put the sheets in your dryer at 60°C for longer than 15 minutes, which eliminates the critters. Then, wash and dry the bedding to remove the allergens entirely.

Use allergen-proof bedding

Go one step further and keep your mattress and pillows protected with anti-allergen covers. These stop dust mites from colonising your bed. Better yet, avoid any bed covers that trap dust and are difficult to frequently wash. See examples of allergen-proof bedding.

Keep the humidity in your home low

By maintaining an average humidity below 50%, dust mites won’t feel nearly as at home. To help you do this, there are dehumidifiers and air conditioners available to keep the humidity low. If you come across one, invest in a hygrometer to measure the humidity levels. It is also a good idea to keep an air purifier to ensure the air is as clean of allergens as possible. See examples of air purifiers.

Get toys that can be washed

Washable stuffed toys can be cleaned in the same way as bedding to avoid a build up of dust mites. Wash them at temperatures higher than 60°C and dry them thoroughly to get rid of the allergens.

Remove dust with damp cloths

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Dusting can help to reduce dust mites. But it is far more effective to use a damp cloth rather than anything dry because it prevents the dust from spreading into the air and settling elsewhere in the room. See an example of cleaning products dedicated to remove house dust mites.

Regularly vacuum your home

Don’t only vacuum your carpet, but vacuum any fabric-covered furniture too to remove surface dust. To maximise the effect, invest in a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter - this helps to decrease house-dust emissions from the cleaner. Be mindful of your allergies; if they are severe, stay out of the room being vacuumed while someone else does it and wait a couple of hours before re-entering. See examples of vacuum cleaners, efficient at removing dust mites.

Reduce any clutter

A good thing to remember is that if it attracts dusts, it also attracts dust mites. Regularly clean any books or ornaments that are on shelves for a long period of time, or remove them entirely from the shelving in your home.


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